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    Breathing life into the car.
    That’s Mazda’s design philosophy.


    A car isn’t simply a mass of metal. Mazda believes it’s more like a living creature.
    Creating an emotional bond between a driver and their car comparable with
    the relationship between horse and rider.

    That’s the ultimate goal of Mazda’s “Soul of Motion” design.

    Mazda’s “Soul of Motion” design embodies the dynamic
    beauty of life.

    The power and elegance of a wild animal in the instant when it pounces on its prey.
    That’s the essence of the ultimate Motion Form envisioned by Mazda.

    We want a car to be more than metal; something that exudes the vitality of a living being. Cars which evoke the tension that presages movement, imbued with the warmth of a creature with a beating heart and blood in its veins.

    That’s the inspiration behind the “Soul of Motion” design.


    Design without passion won’t imbue
    a car with soul.

    There’s more to creating a car with soul than simply sculpting its physical form. Mazda imbues its cars with soul through
    its quest to capture the dynamic beauty of life beyond the confines of conventional design.

    Our tradition of outstanding craftsmanship is another critical element in this artistry. Drive a Mazda car and you’ll sense our passion and commitment to the art of
    creating cars with soul.


    The car as
    a work of art.

    Seeing one of our cars should invoke the feelings
    you get from appreciating a work of art!

    Seeing its sculpted beauty and the shifting reflections as it catches the light, evoking speed, grace and power, you’ll feel an irresistible urge
    to drive it.

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